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40 Harrison is an American leather company that makes high quality leather bags at an affordable price using genuine Italian leather and hardware. Our factory produces bags for several luxury fashion houses. We employ skilled craftsmen who have decades of experience working with leather. 40 Harrison bags are designed in New York City, made of Italian leather and constructed by experienced craftsmen in Portugal.


40 Harrison was born after we and our family members had a few bad experiences looking for quality leather bags, only to come up disappointed and empty handed.  After visiting dozens of stores and searching online, we realized that designer bags were overpriced while the more affordable alternatives did not live up to our expectations quality-wise.  We decided there had to be a better way.  We set off to create high quality leather bags that we could sell directly to people without the industry standard designer bag mark-up.  


After studying and traveling through Europe, we found a great group of highly skilled leather artisans with decades of experience to help bring our bags to life.


We believe that we should make products that are not only affordable luxury but also bags we want to use. From the size of the pockets on our bags to the selection of the perfect leather, we make sure that each detail is carefully considered when creating each bag. We take our bags seriously so our customers can be sure to enjoy them as much as we do.  


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